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Launching our

Future Leaders

Help launching our team into the professional world with the plan and tools for success.

Reem Omer

Continuing Education - Harvard University

My experience at Launchpad, both as a Committee Member and a Project Manager, was equal parts practical and enjoyable. During my gap year, I wanted to cultivate my professional skills in a way that would inform my future career, and Launchpad provided me with the platform and resources to fulfill this objective. Over the past two quarters, I learned to pitch effectively, write cogent business proposals, conduct data analysis, and execute business plans from start to finish, all while gaining firsthand experience in marketing, project management, biotechnology, real estate, and political campaigns.


Furthermore, throughout the experience, I found that Launchpad's emphases on entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability greatly aligned with my own interests and goals. The professional and personal skills I refined throughout the experience were not only practical, but also tangible and transferable by nature—throughout my future academic and professional ventures, I will continue to utilize what I learned at Launchpad

Michael Anastassiou

Finance Operations Associate -

Due to it's size, the city of Davis lacks many large business opportunities, making it difficult for students to gain hands-on business experience to complement their education. This is where Launchpad comes in. Launchpad Project Management offered me experience in data analysis, political campaigns, and biotechnology. This sort of hands-on experience allowed to me take my personal and professional skill-set to the next level. After just a quarter interning, I was promoted to the management team where I was able to contribute on major business decisions, all while being a full-time student. When it came time to search for a summer internship, I set my sights on my dream company, Deloitte.


Throughout the interview process, I found myself consistently bringing up examples from my time at Launchpad. The directors of the program gave me confidence in my abilities and gave me real-life experience that I could not find anywhere else in Davis. I am extremely grateful for my time at Launchpad and am super excited to see where the future takes me.

Johnathan Chan

Journey Coach & Founder - JourneyUp

Launchpad Project Management has been an enjoyable, yet intense journey of professional growth. This internship gave me insight into the business and project management world, exposed me to a network of young, smart, and ambitious individuals, and provided me with opportunities in sales, marketing, and research across a multitude of different industries. I would've never discovered my passion for business and entrepreneurship without the necessary experience I've gained from Launchpad.

Nhi Ton

Technical Sourcer - Roblox

After having the pleasure of joining the Launchpad Project Management team during my last year at UC Davis, I can confidently say it was the best decision of my college career. I learned countless skills that enabled me to reach my fullest potential through interactive working groups, relationship building through various platforms, and networking tips throughout the program. After just 3 months I noticed how drastically it had improved my work ethic, productivity, and individual growth. Majority of my high performances came from having the desire to improve and the amazing leadership that led by example.


Launchpad allowed me to grow at my own pace with its encouraging and inspiring leadership. It is a resource that enables constant growth and sets you up for future success in the workforce. After putting my best foot forward, I was given the opportunity to become a Project Manager and lead my own project team. Now that I have graduated and jumped into the workforce, I am a Technical Sourcer in San Francisco. I felt prepared for not only the interview but also the professional world due to the valuable interpersonal skills, ability to lead, resilience, and desire to grow. 

Sara Geyer

Recruiter & Marketing Coordinator
- Northwestern Mutual

Launchpad was pivotal in achieving my summer internship. I improved my communication abilities through person-to-person interactions with members of the Davis community, interns in the program, and the management team. I exercised my leadership capabilities in leading a subcommittee composed of eight individuals. I improved my research skills in composing research books composed of information regarding three portfolios: real estate, politics, and business development. Launchpad gave me the leadership, research, and communication skills necessary in order to work for a retail giant, Target.

Manda Cai

Loan Representative - LendingClub

During my internship at Launchpad I was challenged to always dig deeper and to step out of my comfort zone. I started the program with limited professional experience no prior knowledge of real estate, but I do have a passion to improve people’s lives. Launchpad supported me and helped to never settle and always find solutions. Currently, I work at LendingClub in the customer development department and I use many skills that I have acquired from Launchpad. With my confidence with person-to-person communication, I am able to identify a customer’s pain points to isolate offers and close deals. Every day I get to do what I loved about Launchpad: positively impact people’s lives through regaining control of their finances.

Sergio Anez

Consulting Analyst - Accenture

The work I did in Launchpad was not only diverse, but also very hands-on. Having the opportunity to lead out projects helped my professional development tremendously. I got the opportunity to analyze real estate data, write economic reports on Sacramento neighborhoods, and work on local campaigns that had a real impact on the community. Launchpad gave me both the skills and the confidence to succeed in the professional world and get an amazing internship at Liberty Mutual as an analyst

Jared Traynor

Process Engineer - Intel

Launchpad was an incredible experience. As an engineering student, you learn a lot of math, science, and technical skills. And if you are lucky, you may even learn how to apply these skills to solving problems. As a working engineer, though, you need to be able to analyze the real-world nature of these problems, make creative solutions, persuade stakeholders, and make compelling arguments to see your engineering solutions through. That was the gap that Launchpad filled for me. Here I learned the skills, whether it was through writing proposals or having to sell an idea in less than 30 seconds, that allowed me to feel confident in all the aspects of engineering that are missed in the college classroom.

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