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Tech Business Development

Advancing Microbial Technology for the World

Introducing Acela Biotek

Acela Biotek's mission is to accelerate innovative solutions for the world’s toughest problems through the use of microbial technology. Facing rising populations, climate change, and limited access to water, Acela Biotek believe microbes can fundamentally change the way we approach many of these global problems through more effective and sustainable methods. The Acela Biotek team is driven by our passion for sustainable solutions, and a commitment to create a better world for the future.

Launchpad has worked extensively helping with business development for Acela Biotek. We have created marketing collateral and educational brochures. Our team has also worked on an international market SWOT analysis and helped develop business proposals and solicitation for prospective clients. 


ballot box voting


We give our team the opportunity to have an impact on local and statewide elections learning best practices from experienced campaign managers.

ballot box voting


Our program works closely with an innovative real estate team looking to redefine the paradigm real estate has for young people.

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